Well…here is another hard hitter, but in a very, very different way. Educated at Holland’s Julliard, this man once turned down an invitation to tour with Prince as his drummer… I might add. It was hard work, trying to keep up with him. He joined PuP as a substitute drummer for René. Any kind of groove we wanted, he played.
The man is a genuine professional. His moves were of that kind that you might wonder: “There’s something wrong with this boy“. His character was (is) a very loud one: You could tell that André is in the house! Couldn’t stop joking, couldn’t stop talking. In his play, his compulsive behaviour made him pay attention to the most insignificant details in sounds and styles. If something was wrong in his eyes….eh…ears, he had to fix it…at the spot…with no delay what soever. You ever saw a drummer play “Boogie Wonderland” while changing his right crash, hihat, or the flim of his snare drum?
We did.

By the time of writing this, he was playing in the musical Evita.