The truth as we know it.

OK, Gijs van Sorgen was born in Belgium and lived untill his 20 in Gfzrrke Zeeland (that’s Holland), has been playing keys of some sort since he was 9, but did not quite know what to do with it. It’s not easy in an environment of mussels and clams, but he can’t help that…. he’s from Zeeland (more specific…. Zeeuws Vlaanderen; sounds even more like Belgium!).

OK, so he entered our local Juilliard, the Rotterdam Conservatory, where he majored in Keys & Electronic Applications. Did he feel the funk?

Not yet, until he caught a glimpse of Pick up the Pieces, and discoverd what the hell to do with them keys! But Check him out, that man cannot stand still, Pick up the Pieces tries to calm him down. And its gonna take some years, but his sounds deliver a significant part for our concept, do not let anything else fool you….

Now he wants a little mussle….. eh pigeon to whisper in the webmasters ear……… Forgive him…… he’s from Zeelanduwsvlaanderen.