ne of the many advantages of being in the Dutch music scene is the opportunity to engage with fellow musicians, especially the most talented ones. Hans was playing drums with Rene Froger when he got hooked up with Marieke. Not long after that, Hans was playing substitute drums with PuP. Man! Playing with Hans was an ordeal, as Gaby can say the same thing. The man was a hard hitter, hit every groove, made every sound. Hans just hit it at the right spot! There is nothing wrong with this man’s playing! We played once at a wedding, Hans was sitting with his back to a brick wall. At one time, his right-hand stick slipped out of hand, and with a vibrating sound it winded up stuck right between two bricks. This is no joke, that’s how hard he hit. Hans has made us play better, we had lots of fun with him, and we have a significant improvement of our groove, playing with him.

Oh yeah! Hans and Marieke got married all right!

All about Hans, you’ll find here.