Now here’s a man who’s been searchin’ for all his life, but never found the right groove. In this great country of ours there are many talented musicians around. Each and every one is unique, so if there’s anyone out there who knows a guitar player, Asian of origin, who goes by the name of Ramon ( hey….I’ve got a bit of colour myself ), you know that he’s some kinda animal on stage, playing nasteh – yeah, nasteh ! – guitar licks.

And if you know that, you know that Ramon’s gonna do anything that Ramon can, to keep doing those nasty……excuse me…..NASTEH ! guitar licks on stage…..including his several trials: to Dress better than me, to Wear better aftershave than me, and to Outsmart me with dashing stage outfits !
…….Oops !

BirdyPUP proudly makes you aware of the presence of Ramon Kussy as a dashing guitar player, experienced, bonafide, I mean good, clean and wholesome. He’s been there, so to speak, playing the guitar with daddy and uncles in the backyard. School bands, cover bands, dutch bands, he’s seen it all !! This guy’s really seen the world by his profession, and has had the opportunity to literally play around the world with musicians with sounding names.