Oh René.
Being a rock-based drummer, it took a while to make René blend in with the funky based style of PuP. It took 7 long years of constant rehearsals, making ends meet, and perfecting our stage performance. Behind his drums, René grew into the driving force of PuP. With Rene we embarked on our first trips abroad, beginning at the ski resort Val Thorens in France.
Seven years long we travelled each year to skiïng resorts and having loads of fun. Due to his membership of PuP, the band grew as a whole, tighter, and having the first signs of what became our concept. We were very much tuned into each other. Standing behind the microphone, Steve knew that when he pulled some “rabbit out of his hat”, that René would be behind him, yelling those things he knew he would yell! It was a wonderful feeling. There is no telling what would have become of PuP if René wasn’t there. Our memories of René are ones of dedication and great stage performance.