Born from a gospel-singing father and a salsa-singing mother, not having a single clue of his hidden talent to sing his ass off, untill his side-kick Gaby scooped him off the street 18 years ago and launched him as singer of Pick up the Pieces. With Gaby as the captain of the vessel Pick up the Pieces, they started together on a Fantastic Voyage, right through the Land of Funk.
Grown from a shy and laid-back singer, to stage animal, capable of forcing audiences to shake their thing and making even the most timid person wanna ‘bump and grind’. The day Marvin Gaye was shot was the saddest day in his life, and every year in april he still cries about it; to meet Philip Bailey is gonna make him break down and cry ‘I’m not worthy’, and he thinks Tom Jones is a brother with a wrong colour.

One of his favourite one-liners on stage: ‘Show Me The Funk!’, scares the hell out of people when they see how regular Pick up the Pieces visitors tear down the place, and make the ground they walk on rumble. However, the ultimate experience on stage is working with Monique, who is riding shotgun. Why, you wanna ask him ? “First of all”, he says, “she’s a much better singer than I am, and second of all, together we have the best ‘Moneymakers’ in the business!”